Belconnen Medical Centre provides male circumcision services in Canberra. We use the renowned Plastibell Method to circumcise male infants between the ages of 4 weeks and 4 months. All procedures are performed by Dr Al-Naser – a vocationally-registered general practitioner (GP) who has performed over 2,000 circumcisions in Canberra and NSW.

General Health Benefits of Circumcision

The decision to circumcise your infant son is obviously a personal one. At Belconnen Medical Centre, we believe that circumcision provides infant males with a number of general health benefits going forward.

  • Makes personal hygiene easier.
  • Helps prevent urinary tract infections.
  • Reduces the likelihood of contracting penile cancer (it may also reduce the risk of cervical cancer for female partners).
  • Prevents penile conditions involving the foreskin, such as phimosis, paraphimosis and balanoposthitis.
  • May reduce the risk of contracting certain sexually transmitted infections and diseases, such as HIV / AIDS. (Safe sex practices are still essential.)

When it comes to circumcision in Canberra, Dr Al-Naser and the caring team at Belconnen Medical Centre have you covered.

What is the Plastibell Method?

The Plastibell Method is a well-known circumcision technique used on infant males. It involves the placement of a disposable (single-use) plastic ring between the foreskin and penis head. A ligature (string) is then tied around the foreskin covering the plastic ring – creating a tourniquet effect. After several days, the foreskin falls off (along with the plastic ring).

Is circumcision safe?

In the majority of cases, circumcision is safe. However, all surgical procedures carry an element of risk. Dr Al-Naser is highly experienced when it comes to circumcision procedures in Canberra. He and his nursing staff provide a high level of preoperative and postoperative support.

Will my child feel any pain?

Prior to the procedure, your child will be administered local and topical anaesthetics. Once the anaesthetics are working, your child shouldn’t feel any pain during the procedure, which takes approximately 10 minutes.

Following the procedure (when the anaesthetics have worn off), your child may start to feel some discomfort. However, you’ll be prepared for this, as Dr Al-Naser and his nursing staff instruct all parents on postoperative pain relief.

Belconnen Medical Centre strives to make circumcision in Canberra as easy and stress-free as possible.

What happens after the procedure?

Initially, you will see some bruising and swelling around the procedure area. The foreskin and plastic ring should fall off naturally in 4 to 7 days. The odd drop of blood is to be expected in the first few days.

Please Note: We provide all parents with instructions for postoperative care after a circumcision procedure in Canberra.

When to call for help

As a general rule, you should call us immediately if you sense that anything is wrong. The following symptoms require immediate medical attention.

  • Excessive bleeding (more than just a few small drops).
  • High fever.
  • Severe pain (prescribed pain medicine has no effect).
  • The plastic ring comes loose (prior to the foreskin falling off).
  • Your baby has fewer wet nappies (apparent drop in frequency of urination).
  • Pus and/or foul smell coming from the penis.
  • Tip of penis turns black or blue.
  • Redness along shaft of penis and/or lower abdomen.

Dr Al-Naser is highly experienced when it comes to circumcisionin Canberra. Any complications should be reported to him immediately.

To find out more about a circumcision procedure in Canberra, please call Belconnen Medical Centre on (02) 6251 8898.